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Payout rates

Here's what the statistics say

The payout rates for the games offered by Casinos Austria are indicated below.

Casino Games

Depending on the game, the average payout rates for Casino games lie between:

GamePayout rates
Roulette:97.3 %
98.6 % for outside bets
Double Roulette:    87.7 - 97.3 %
Cards:97.3 - 98.7 %
Dice:89.2 - 97.6 %
Slots:In 2017, the average slots payout rate lay at 94 % of revenues. Details of average payout rates are also provided annually to the regulatory authority (Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance/BMF).
Poker Cash Game

From pots amounting to five times the big blind and above, the croupier retains a 5 % drop collection tax up to a maximum of 20 euros per pot, collected in 1 euro increments.

In the event that a game should end before the flop is dealt, the pot is given to the winner without collection of the drop tax (no flop – no drop).

Poker Tournaments

The percentage of the pot retained as a fee depends on the actual buy-in amount:

up to EUR 200.0012 %
EUR 201.00 to EUR 500.00    10 %
from EUR 501.00  8 %


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