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The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group has been organizing its annual, multi-day Responsible Gaming Academy (RGA) since 2004. The main target group for this event is managers from the different companies in the group. At the RGA, they attend in-depth presentations on current developments in this sector and have the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences and best practices. The event is semi-public and is also regularly attended by staff from the various gambling addiction counseling centers and treatment facilities across Austria.

Speakers include well-known and respected national and international experts from the fields of psychiatry, psychology and the social sciences as well as representatives of the regulatory authorities and independent organizations. Their wide-spread specialities illustrate the international caliber and diversity of the event. Also, the previous RGAs have led to the development of numerous new ideas to improve the high responsible gaming Standards of the Group.

14th Responsible Gaming Academy on 11 May 2017

In his opening speech Director General Karl Stoss drew comparisions between responsible gaming and mountain climbing: “Responsible gaming is like a tightrope walk. It’s about finding the right balance of safeguards without overly curtailing the business or even bringing it to a standstill.”

In his keynote speech, Dietmar Hoscher, Director of Responsible Gaming and CSR in the Casinos Austria Group, also brought the international status quo into play: “It is gratifying to see that there is no longer any discussion among licensed operators in Europe regarding the need for responsible gaming measures. On the contrary, they now focus on continually developing and improving such measures.”

Herbert Beck, Head of the Responsible Gaming Division at the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group, was delighted to welcome about 200 delegates. Alongside the main target audience, namely employees of the group itself, about a third of the attendees were representatives of national and international institutions, including research, counselling and treatment facilities as well as public authorities.


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