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Protection of Minors

Responsibility for children and young people

The attraction of gambling is particularly high for young people, who are often not yet able to judge the consequences and set the limits of their actions. In the course of the normal development of an adolescent brain, children and young people are conditioned to be impulsive and to take risks. They also learn their future habits during this phase of their life, which can however also lead to the roots being established for the development of dependencies.

Regardless of the actual form of gambling, scientific studies confirm a relationship between the age a person first comes into contact with gambling and the probability of the development of gambling-related problems in later life. Accordingly, prevalence rates for gambling-related problems are about four times as high for young people as they are for adults.

Age limit 16

At Austrian Lotteries, we therefore took the decision in 2009 neither to sell any of our lottery products nor to pay out winnings to children and young people under the age of 16. We adhere to this rule strictly and without exception. This is a voluntary, self-imposed restriction that far exceeds any applicable legal requirements (e.g. in the Austrian Civil Code or the various provisions to protect minors in the individual Austrian states).

Our sales partners, who play an integral part in implementing this policy, are contractually obliged to respect this age restriction and are also provided with regular training in responsible gaming and the protection of minors.

Austrian Lotteries regularly monitors adherence to this contractually defined voluntary age restriction as well as to all other applicable legal provisions using mystery shopping campaigns. In the event that a sales partner should be found to be systematically breaching this requirement, we will terminate our contract with that partner with immediate effect.

Age limit 18

Casinos Austria and WINWIN staff also pays strict attention to adherence to the legal minimum age of 18 for entrance to a casino or an outlet in Austria and also have additional player protection measures in place for young adults.

This age limit also applies to the sale of sports betting products by tipp3 and participation in online gambling on


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