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Our goal is to counteract problem gambling.

A responsible approach to the gambling product is firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy and traditions. We conduct all our operations and business activities with uncompromising respect for the principle of responsible gaming:

  1. We are committed to developing, evaluating and implementing responsible gaming measures that reflect the latest scientific research and findings.
  2. All staff who have contact with our players and customers have appropriate knowledge of problem gambling and the issues involved, are familiar with the counseling and treatment options available and can offer players suitable assistance if required.
  3. We are committed to providing our staff and sales partners with regular responsible gaming training from recognized experts.
  4. We are registered members of international organizations and associations which share, advocate and are committed to advancing our responsible gaming principles (European Casino Association, European Lotteries, World Lottery Association).
  5. We have been providing support for many years to various institutions and organizations which work on or offer counseling and treatment for pathological gamblers.
  6. We provide our players with ready access to information designed to promote and encourage a responsible approach to gambling and gambling products.


If you have any questions regarding responsible gaming/player protection, please contact us
0800 202 304
free of charge